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Galatsi Flower Delivery in Athens, Attica

From our on-line FlowerDesign florist you can order bouquets of flowers, baskets of flowers, fragrant roses, plants and deliver to Galatsi.

Shipment of your order to send flowers to Galatsi area will be charged as shown in the detailed table.

Delivery of flowers through our network is free of charge when the delivery address is within the center of Athens.

Flowerdesign.gr is one of the best flower and plant florists in Galatsi.

Areas with FREE shipping include the center of Athens.

In off-center areas, your shipping costs are automatically borne by the system, and you are notified during your order process.

Flowers are sent all over Athens with our own cars and permanent smiling staff!

We send flowers, balloons, gifts, wines all over Attica.

We ship the flowers with the accompanying products you have selected, always attentive.

A few words about Galatsi ...

Galatsi is an urban area and municipality that belongs to the Central Sector of Athens. Situated at the foot of the Turkovounia hill, the highest in Athens, it is one of the capital's areas with the highest percentage of greenery, but also one of the most densely populated at the same time.

It occupies an area of ​​4 sq. Km. and is located about 4 km north of the center of Athens. It borders to the north with Nea Ionia, to the east with Filothei and Paleo Psychiko, and to the south and west with the Municipality of Athens. It has an average altitude of 200 m and a population of 59,345 inhabitants.

There are various opinions on the origin of the name Galatsi, but according to the prevailing one, in 1851 Simeon Galakis bought acres around the church of Agia Glykeria by notarization. When the Athenians pronounced k and t as t, the surname "Galakis" was pronounced as "Galatsis", with the result that the area of ​​Agia Glyceria was referred to as "the region of Galatsi" and eventually the whole area get the name "Galatsi". A less elaborate theory is that of the theologian Theodore Gundera, who writes that the herdsmen in the area turned around and shouted: "Milk - milk - fresh milk", hence the name Galatsi comes from the word "milk". Historically, there is no evidence of Galatsi's relationship with the city of Galatsi, Romania, where it is a mere fable.